New Mortgage Stress Test and the Impact it Will Have on Your Home Purchase

(November 29, 2017)

If you have been flirting with the idea of purchasing a new home in the near future, you have undoubtedly  heard the words 'stress test.' Stress tests are already mandatory for mortgages in which the down payment is less than 20%, which was initially introduced earlier this year as part of the the Federal Government's attempt to cool the heated housing market.

Canada's banking regulator recently ann... read more.

November 2017 - Newsletter

(November 06, 2017)

November is off to a rapid fire start, but happy to report I still managed to squeeze in a candy fueled binge of Stranger Things 2 without much interruption.  Spoilers be damned!

Homeowners may feel like they're living in the upside down, watching the price of condos soar 21.8% over the past 12 months, while the average price climbed 2.3% to $780,104 in October from a year earlier.

Fear not, overall... read more.